Subtle Play


“Oblio” is stool that resulted from asking the question “what does it mean to be playful?”  Inspired by those who need to fidget in order to think, this stool was designed with a full range of motion in mind. A maple seat ‘plugs’ into a rubber half sphere, which plugs into a maple base. The underside of the seat is convex, and without a rigid or fixed connexion the seat can swivel, rock, and bounce. The rubber is made lighter by utilizing a semi-rigid foam interior. The stool takes cues from beloved childhood toys and Scandinavian design while the connections come directly from material exploration. 


8 Spheres of Play


Play for adults is often dismissed as a guilty pleasure or is seen as unproductive. We reach adulthood and we get serious; there are more important things to do than play. It is an unfortunate conclusion, and one that couldn’t be further from the truth: play is an integral part of keeping our mind, bodies, and societies functioning. 


An exploration of what it means to be playful, an in-depth look at the history of the ball as a toy and material study of the sphere and its various properties culminate here in a collection of  tools designed specifically for the eight ways we play.


Collector - locking container puzzle

Creator -silicone handle for artist medium

Explorer - 5 layer puzzle sphere 

Competitor - Free floating hour glass/timer

Director - handleless gavel

Kinesthete - gyroscopic weighted ball


Joker - rubber silly ball

Storyteller - storytelling dice

Making Static Objects More Interactive


An experiment involving hand rotational-molding materials resulted in a lot of wobbly, off-balance spherical shapes. This bowl and vase were inspired by the movements of those casts, making stationary household objects a bit more playful. 


Made in Denmark


Maple veneer bench, wool upholstered cushion. Made with one mold, fully collapsible for flat packing. Created with certain size and material restrictions/guidelines. 


This bench was designed and hand crafted while attending the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Free Play On-the-Go 


A back pack created to facilitate free play; or unrestricted unlimited play, based on “loose parts theory” or that the more variables that are present within a space, the more creative a child can be. The bag is designed to hold toys (Roylco Straws and Connectors Building Kit and a Playchute Parachute by Pacific Play Tents)  and also become a toy itself. 


The straps are detachable, the front pouch detaches, and both the male/female parts of the snaps are designed to work with the toy connectors so the bag itself can be built on. 



Teff for Two


In Ethiopia, eating is done without the aid of utensils. Meals are shared on a large, round platter called a gebeta. A spongy, slightly sour bread called injera is put on the tray and on top of it are various stews and curry-like dishes. Coffee service follows nearly every meal and is accompanied by toasted barley or popcorn. 


This table-top collection adapts eating practices from Ethiopia to an American audience.  Forms and functions are inspired by the meal traditions, pattern designs and the landscape of the country. 



Exploring Possibilities 

Whether it’s a quick sketch or a detailed technical drawing, my objective is always to clearly articulate ideas.  Utilizing multiple processes and hand-manipulating materials makes creating prototypes a more playful and successful experience.

technical drawing computer.jpg
Paper Mockup #1.JPG